Fredrik is a Swedish award-winning film director and screenwriter. A cinematic storyteller who moves effortlessly between drama and subtle humor. Raised on comic books and fiction he is a visual film director with a keen eye for detail and a firm believer in the power of a strong idea.

As an award-winning director he has many years of experience creating commercials and shorts. The work is defined by narrative stories with an emotional connect, and storytelling is at the heart of every project. His directing approach is highly visual, but his sense for acting is equally important in creating captivating and intriguing worlds - fictional, but still keeping the real.

With a background as an Art director and illustrator, Fredrik’s filmmaking takes off in his mind at the moment he starts drawing the storyboard and concept design.

Graduated from Forsberg School of Design and Stockholm Film School. He has been shortlisted in Young Director Awards in Cannes and awarded at London International Awards and Cannes Lions. 

Clients include Zound Industries & Marshall, Samsung, Telia, Carlsberg, Halda Watch Co. and non-profit work.